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Hi, I'm Mori!

I come from a family of contractors. My three older brothers worked in real estate construction for over 20 years, and I worked with them for 10. Our family company completed thousands of remodeling and construction projects over the years. Our mode of operation is: well-planned, well-executed work while using environmentally safe materials. I keep up to date with new green products and production methods, but at the same time, some things never change: good planning, scheduling, workmanship, and a courteous, professional staff. I believe that love brings love, and when you love what you do, it will spread and catch on with people around you.


Allow yourself remodeling that reflects your lifestyle. We always create designs with you in mind because remodeling is the simplest way to start thinking different. We in Delta learned how to complete our projects in the promised amount. Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room - whole house is a part of you, so let's build your Dreamhouse together!


What is the other important side of your Home? Yes, this is your backyard. And obviously it should be an area for your family and friends to gather as much as they would indoors. BBQ, Sitting Wall, Swimming Pool, Lighting, Patio Pavers - dozens of things you must to think about if you're going to build this area the best way, so let us help you!


Did you ever think how effective are the energy efficiency and conservation practices you’ve set in place? We sure you did. We are experienced local contractor and energy advisor who can handle renovations big and small. Insulation, Weatherization, Solar Panels, Battery Backup - we will help you to find the right and most efficient way to save more money.

What we use

We use reclaimed materials to maximize their lifespan and
will always provide the best sustainable material options
for your home. After demolition we evaluate the amount of
waste and recycle materials that can be done efficiently.

What we use

We use reclaimed materials to maximize their lifespan and
will always provide the best sustainable material options
for your home. After demolition we evaluate the amount of
waste and recycle materials that can be done efficiently.

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Together, we are committed to proactively creating a
better world, framed with a strong foundation of integrity,
values, environmental and social awareness.

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David S.

Mar.29, 2012
Contract manager: Mori


This is a thank you letter to recognize the completion of three contracts with your company. Mori managed all three and she was very professional in her handling of each. She was knowledgeable concerning construction details and also was respectful of our needs as they arose and acted as intermediary for us both with the company management and with the workers as necessary. As inexperienced individuals in the world of home renovation and as special needs customers we are grateful for her thoughtful support.
We think Mori should also be commended for her clear commitment to contract dollar amounts and to producing quality products. We would be happy to recommend your company to others considering house renovation. Thank you.
Work involved:
Bathroom: electrical, tile, plumbing, painting House exterior: paint, new gate, patio, railing
House interior: two pocket doors, two closet removals. French door replaced window opening, three rooms plus hall were painted, hardwood floor in entired house was refinished.

Barbara V.

February 22, 2015
Contract manager: Mori


l am writing this letter to thank Mori and all the gentlemen who came to measure, demolish the old gates and install the new beautiful white vinyl gates. Everybody was very professional, and came on time and cleaned up when finished.
Mori was very professional and gave me helpful suggestions as I was not sure of what type of gates would look the best. She spent lots of time showing me examples on her computer. This made it easy for me to decide on the style I wanted.
Mori wrote in the home improvement contract explicit details of what was going to occur and that it would be finished in one day.
I appreciate that everyone I dealt with were very hi in calling me before they came. I would recommend this company to my friends will call Mori when I am ready for my next home p Thank you and Mori for a very positive experience The gates are beautiful.

Pamela B.

April 03, 2014
Contract manager: Mori


Texacote upgrade and wood area painting project
I am very satisfied with the decision to upgrade the Outside painting to using Texacote. This will make it easier to keep the paint job looking fresh and new. The color choice complements the red brick that is on the front of the house and porch. The new rain gutters match the color of the wood. The stucco is bright white and matches the new vinyl windows. This crew came on time every day and let me know what was going to be done every day.
Your happy customer.

Mitch W.

June 07, 2015
Contract manager: Mori


Rain Gutters and Patio Cover
I love my new patio cover. Its white color goes with the color of the stucco on the house and my new vinyl windows. I am pleased that Mori suggested that I change my old redwood patio and metal patio cover. My new cover is insulated and includes a nice fan and light fixture. I am looking forward to be able to sit out there on one of our hot summer nights.
I am happy that we chose rain gutters that match the wooden areas of my house. It looks much better than the old white ones. These gutters will be much easier to maintain. I would recommend these type of gutters to my friends.

Karen W.

October 02, 2012
Contract manager: Mori


Indoors Painting Project
I have been very pleased with the choice of colors used in my kitchen, laundry room, dining room, living room, hallway and 2 bedrooms. I appreciate the suggestions that Mori made to have the same colors throughout the house. At first I did not believe that I would like it as I would miss my pink tones in the bedrooms.
I love having everything the same colors. It is amazing how I like the bright white woodwork as before it was very dull. Luis and his crew came and sanded, put 2 coats of paint and cleaned up each day and moved the furniture back in place in every room.

John M.

December 10, 2016
Contract manager: Mori


Kitchen & Laundry Room Remodeling
I am so pleased with this project. The plumbing crew installed 2 new stainless steel sinks,and new garbage disposal. Mori presented various ideas and samples for the counter tops, backsplash and flooring. We together chose a great color of paint for the walls that brought my whole kitchen and laundry room to compliment my breakfast nook.
I love my new kitchen and laundry room and love cooking in it. I am glad that Mori helped me make good choices.

Carlos R.

May 06, 2019
Contract manager: Mori


Cement Patio and Brick Trim
I want to thank Mori for suggesting that we replace the cement that probably was laid over 50 years ago and had many cracks. Mori and her team have done an amazing job in demolishing the old cement, preparing the soil for the new forms, pouring the cement and smoothing the cement before it dries, and outling the cement with brick. We decided to use the old bricks to outline the walkways and the new bricks around the patio.
I want to thank Mori for the idea of changing the shape of the concrete patio floor to a one with curves and not a true square or rectangle.

Abraham S.

September 14, 2018
Contract manager: Mori


Rewiring and Patching Holes Project
T would like to let you, know how pleased I am with the results of my rewiring in my notice and bringing my house up to current code. The team that Mori chose did a great job in completing the job and returned to parch the holes that they had to make to install the new wires. They were very professional and cleaned up the areas each day. Mori kept me informed each day as to what would be done. This was very helpful in planning my activities.
I am a happy customer and like the results of passing the inspection.

Eliran Z.

March 04, 2016
Contract manager: Mori


New White Vinyl Windows
I am so happy that Mori suggested that I remove all 17 windows in my house and replace them with vinyl. Not only are my rooms brighter , I love the screens and the easy job of washing them. It is amazing how it has improved the look of my house and reduced the noises outside. I was impressed with the crew that Mori sent. They did this in one day. These windows are fantastic.

Robert M.

June 12, 2017
Contract manager: Mori


Garden and New Sod, and Sprinklers and Drip Hoses
Mori and her crew did a fantastic job of pouring the cement for the walkways and placed each brick along the side of the cement. I really like the grass area next to the patio. Mori and I went together to choose plants for the backyard.
I love the results of the new plants, and the ease of watering all the new plants and grass areas.

Jonathan O.

August 11, 2016
Contract manager: Mori


Crown Mouldings and Baseboards
It is surprising to see what a difference these mouldings have made in every room of my house. Mori helped me choose moulding and baseboard designs that go well together.
I never knew how the addition of Crown Mouldings would improve every room. I now have a beautiful house.

Chelsea A.

June 15, 2011
Contract manager: Mori


This letter summarizes how happy I am that I found and asked for them to come out and give me estimates for home projects. I am so happy to have the experience of working with Mori. I like all the different teams of workers that Mori scheduled to come each day. They were dependable and very professional. I was really impressed by how they cleaned up after each project. I would have this company come back when I do my next project. This will be quite a while in the future as Mori and I have finished all the projects. Thanks again for a positive experience in remodeling.

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